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Not only is Australia the driest inhabited continent in the world (source), but a global study of the “water footprints of nations” found that Australian households held the world’s worst record for water consumption, partly due to the nation’s heavy consumption of meat and industrial goods, according to The Age.

As a Sydney resident, installing a water tank for rainwater harvesting is the least one could do to help reduce the country’s water footprint.

Why You Need a Rainwater Tank

Installing a rainwater tank is a simple and practical solution that provides the following long-term benefits:

Backup water supply for times of drought and water restrictions.
Conservation of water: using natural rainwater for household needs and sanitation instead of buying from the Sydney water grid saves treated water for more important uses.
Reduced water bills: rainwater is free; the Sydney water supply isn’t.

According to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics), about 26% of Australian houses have a rainwater tank. They further estimate that rainwater provides 177 billion litres, or 9% of residential water in Australia, worth $540 million.

What Can Rainwater Be Used For?

While rainwater isn’t recommended for drinking or cooking unless it’s been properly treated and filtered, it’s perfectly fine to be used for household chores such as laundry, washing dishes, cleaning, gardening and irrigation, filling the backyard pool, and sanitation purposes.

You’ll appreciate the convenience of having your own water supply the next time you experience water restrictions, so go ahead and get that rainwater tank installed!

Your Rainwater Tank Installation Specialist in Sydney

The Next Door Plumber is a licensed NSW plumber and a specialist in rainwater tank installations. We will ensure that your rainwater tank is installed in adherence to local council guidelines and regulations. Rainwater tanks are available in a wide range of sizes for both above and below ground installations. Not sure what you need?

The Plumber Next Door is happy to provide an obligation-free quote and recommend the best options for your needs. See what residents and businesses across Sydney’s North Shore, Northern Beaches, Eastern suburbs, and Inner West have to say about us:

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