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The Australian standard for residential water pressure is a maximum of 500kpa. Water pressure exceeding 500kpa is considered high, which can lead to a multitude of problems including voided warranty, burst flexible hoses and pipes, and potentially thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

Common Problems Caused By High Water Pressure

Premature Wear on Appliances
Most household appliances are designed to work within certain levels of water pressure. High water pressure puts additional stress on these appliances that they’re not built to tolerate. Examples of appliances that are particularly susceptible to water pressure problems include dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, and toilets.

Over time, high water pressure not only shortens the appliance’s product lifecycle but can also lead to major plumbing repairs.
Pipe Damage
Prolonged high pressure conditions weaken the pipe structure and integrity, causing it to wear out quicker than normal, leading to leaks and eventually burst pipes and indoor flooding.

High water pressure also causes a distinctive thudding noise every time the water is turned on and off, which is known as ‘Water Hammer’. The sudden change in water flow causes the pipes to bang into the surrounding framing, which loosens plumbing connections and breaks the pipes.
Water Wastage
High water pressure causes the taps to gush out water even when they’re only partially turned on, which leads to unintentional water wastage.

How to Check Your Water Pressure

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