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Looking to repair broken or damaged garden pipes without destroying your beautiful landscaping or ripping up your whole yard?

Welcome to The Plumber Next Door’s pipe relining services: an advanced drain repair technique that involves installing a special lining that functions as a sleeve inside the damaged pipe to create a new pipe within the old one.

An Efficient and Cost-Effective Drain Repair Solution With Long-Term Benefits

A no-dig, no-mess solution that ensures your garden remains intact while providing an efficient and cost-effective drain repair solution, pipe relining enables easy access and repair of pipes that are difficult to get to, such as those deep underground or located under your property.

Relined pipes are far more durable, stronger, and leak-proof, as well as being protected from future tree root intrusions due to the seamless pipe liner.

How Pipe Relining Works

  1. Drain inspection
    We start by using a CCTV drain camera to conduct a careful inspection of your damaged pipes. This allows us to identify the problem areas and produce a detailed diagnosis and inspection report for your reference.
  2. Cleaning of pipes
    Next, we’ll use a high-pressure water jet to thoroughly flush out the dirt, debris, and obstructions for even and clean internal pipe walls.
  3. Installation of drain lining
    There are a number of methods for installing the drain lining. We will discuss the best option for your needs before proceeding with the repair.
  4. Final check
    Once the lining has been installed, we’ll carry out a final CCTV drain check to ensure the job was done properly. Once the lining has cured, you will have fully functioning drains that are as good as new!

Sydney’s Trusted Local Pipe Relining Experts

Not only is The Plumber Next Door a locally-based plumbing service for Sydney’s North Shore, Northern Beaches, Eastern suburbs, and Inner West, but we are also trusted experts at pipe relining, with over 10 years of plumbing experience for residential and commercial properties.

Customer Experience

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