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Maintenance of your outdoor plumbing is just as important as your indoor plumbing, if not more, since outdoor plumbing problems tend to go unnoticed due to the tapware being located out of sight around the garden and open-air areas.

Besides constant exposure to the elements all day every day, garden taps remain connected to hoses and irrigation systems which can be left turned on over a prolonged duration, causing damage to the tapware.

Why You Should Check Your Garden Taps Regularly

It’s easy to think of leaking garden taps as more of a nuisance rather than a problem to be taken seriously. After all, if it floods, the water will be in the garden, not in the house. But this faulty assumption could very well lead to costly repairs in the long run.


  1. Foundation damage
    Garden taps connected to the side of the house will cause significant damage if they keep leaking over an extended period of time. The water will work its way into the soil beneath the foundation of the house, weakening the support structure and affecting the entire foundation of the house.
  2. Mould and mildew
    Water pooling against the house will create moisture in the cracks of the foundation, providing the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew. Once it starts growing, it’s just a matter of time before the mould spreads into the house.
  3. Skyrocketing water bills & water wastage
    A continuously leaking garden tap, no matter how slow the leak, will eventually develop into a major leak, running up your water bill and creating needless water wastage.

By checking your garden taps and outdoor plumbing regularly, you can prevent minor leaks from escalating and causing significant damage to your entire property.

Call the Plumber Next Door for a thorough inspection of your outdoor plumbing systems and garden tapware.

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